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Hero Tutorial HeroAvatar

The person in Hero role is the player of the game. The Heroes adventure together as a Group; explore the area; fight against Enemies; read the Story; talk to the NPCs; roleplay a character.

When you create your Hero you can select an avatar, give it a name, and spend their stat points.


Every Group has a leader and only they can control the Group, and move outside of battle.


Hero Tutorial CoreStats

When you create or level up a Hero you get stat points. You can spend these points to upgrade your Hero, make it stronger, increase its Health, etc.

Core stats[]

There are 6 core stats. Strenght (STR) increases your physical power; Constitution (CON) increases your maximum health; Dexterity (DEX) increases your critical chance; Intelligence (INT) increases your magic damage; Wisdom (WIS) increases your maximum mana and healing power; Speed (SPD) increases your combat speed and dodge chance.

Sub stats[]

There are several sub-stats like physical/magic damage or armor. Some of them are based on your core stats, and some of them are on your equipment.


There are some classes in The Storyteller. When you make a Hero you don't need to choose a class. You can pick it along your adventure, or you can choose multiple classes.


The Hero spend Skill Points on the Skill Panel. You can learn new Skills or upgrade them. Every Skill has 5 levels and its effect is stronger at higher levels. Skills are categorized by Classes like Warrior or Mage. Every Class has its own Playstyle.

Every Skill has a requirement to learn. Most of them are stats like Strength. If you have the requirements and enough Skill Points you can learn the Skill.


If you can't choose a Class, don't be afraid. You can learn Skills from multiple Classes, you only need the stat requirements. You can be a half-Mage half-Warrior or a Rogue with some healing spells. It's up to you.

Basic Classes[]


The Warrior is a class that operates with Strength. They stand in the frontline, whether facing a single or multiple opponents. With their ultimate ability, they can charge into the middle of battle at any time.


The Guardian is a class that operates with Constitution. Thanks to their high health point, they can easily hold their ground on the frontline while protecting their allies or disrupting their enemies. With their ultimate ability, they can resist every attack that comes their way.


The Ranger is a class that operates with Strength and Dexterity. They shoot down their enemies from a distance before they can get close. With their ultimate ability, they are capable of annihilating an entire group at once.


The Rogue is a class that operates with Dexterity. They hide behind their allies and unexpectedly strike, inflicting fatal wounds with their swift hands. With their ultimate ability, they can eliminate a powerful enemy in a single strike, especially if it's not wearing armor.


The Mage is a class that operates with Intelligence. With their mid-range spells, they can easily obliterate their enemies. With their ultimate ability, they consume a significant amount of mana but deliver a deadly blow to their chosen target.


The Priest is a class that operates with Wisdom. They are always ready to heal the wounds of their allies or recharge their magical powers. With their ultimate ability, they can even revive a fallen comrade, bringing them back to their feet.


The Chronomancer is a class that operates with Speed. They have the ability to manipulate time with their magic, helping their allies evade enemy strikes. With their ultimate ability, they can freeze time around their enemies, preventing them from taking action.


Hero Tutorial ToolsHeroIcon

Check Tool[]

With the Dice Tool, you can roll for checks to make the roleplay more exciting.


During your journey you can meet interactive elements in the world.

Hero Tutorial Story


When you interact with this element, it tells a piece of the story, describes the environment, or the dialogue of someone.

Hero Tutorial Camp


You can regenerate your missing health and mana points at the Camp before or after a battle.

Hero Tutorial NPC


You can meet NPCs on your journey. You can speak with them or buy some new stuff for gold if it's a shopkeeper.

Hero Tutorial Enemy


When you meet an Enemy you can attack and defeat it in a battle. The difficulty of the battle depends on the quality and quantity of the Enemies.

There are 4 types of Enemy (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Boss). You can recognize them by their borders.

Hero Tutorial EnemyTypes


Every time you loot or buy something, it is stored in your inventory.

Hero Tutorial Inventory


You can equip weapons on the Hero Panel to improve your Hero. Every Weapon has its purpose. They can have range, damage type, or other stats like damage or armor.

You can also equip different clothes like a chest plate or a helmet. They give you resistance. There are two types of resistance. Armor blocks the incoming Physical damage; Magic resist blocks the Magic Damage.


You can consume potions in your inventory if you are hurt, or use them in the battle.


You can loot valueables in the battle. These are not usable items, only good for selling them at the merchants.


When you interact with an Enemy, a battle begins. It's turn-based combat. That means everyone has a turn when they can Move and make Actions. Everyone waits until their turn starts. While waiting, you can scout the battlefield. When everyone finishes their turn, a new Round starts. The battle ends when one of the team can't continue the fight.


You can make Actions in your turn. Actions cost Action Points (AP), which recharge at the beginning of each of your turns. Different actions use different amounts of AP, so Actions that require lower AP can be used multiple times within one turn. By default, everyone has 2 Action Points.

Hero Tutorial Action Move


At the start of your turn, you can Move your character with the WASD or the arrow keyboards. Also, you can select Move on the battle bar at the bottom of the screen. You can move between Actions, but after using your last Action Point, you can't move anymore until the start of your next turn. Movement doesn't cost Action Points.

Hero Tutorial Action Attack


You can damage your foes with the Attack Action. Every attack has a hit chance. The Attack Action changes based on your weapon. With a sword, you make a melee physical attack, with a staff you make a range magical attack. The Attack Action costs 1 Action Point.

There are 3 damage types based on your core stats and your equipment. If your main stat is Strenght or you wield a physical weapon like a sword, you make Physical Damage. If your main stat is Intelligence or you wield a magic weapon like a staff, you make Magic Damage. If your Strenght and Intelligence are equal, or you wield both a physical and a magical weapon like a dagger and a wand, you make Mixed damage which is half Physical and half Magic Damage.

Hero Tutorial Action Skill
Hero Tutorial Action Items


You can use Skills as an Action. Every Skill has a cost (mostly Mana) and an effect. Some Skills make damage to one or multiple enemies, and some buff or heal your allies. The Skill Action costs 2 Action Points.


You can also use Items as an Action. If you are hurt, just consume a healing potion, or if you are out of mana, you can restore it with a mana potion. The Item Action costs 1 Action Point.

Hero Tutorial Action Wait


You can Wait as an Action. If you can't reach an enemy; or don't want to consume an item, you can just pass your turn.